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Start by adding the two digits that occupy the ones place, 4 and 7.

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The result is Look at that number. The 1 in the ones place will be the first numeral of your final sum. The digit in the tens position, which is 1, must be then placed on top of the other two digits in the tens position and added together. In other words, you must "carry over" or "regroup" the place value as you add.

Carry the One

More mental math. Add the 1 you carried over to digits already lined up in the tens positions, 3 and 1. The result is 5. Place that figure in the tens column of the final sum. As you did in the first example, line up the two numbers in a column, with 34 on top of Again, time for mental math, beginning with the digits in the ones position, 4 and 7.

You can't subtract a larger number from a smaller one or you'd wind up with a negative. In order to avoid this, we must borrow value from the tens place to make the equation work. In other words, you're taking a numerical value of 10 away from the 3, which has a place value of 30, in order to add it to the 4, giving it a value of Now, move to the tens position.

Because we took away 10 from the place value of 30, it now has a numerical value of Subtract the place value of 2 from the place value of the other figure, 1, and you get 1.

Continue Reading. ThoughtCo uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using ThoughtCo, you accept our. In computing, carrying is an important function of adder circuits. There are two ways in which this is commonly taught:.

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Traditionally, carry is taught in the addition of multi-digit numbers in the 2nd or late first year of elementary school. However, since the late 20th century, many widely adopted curricula developed in the United States such as TERC omitted instruction of the traditional carry method in favor of invented arithmetic methods, and methods using coloring, manipulatives, and charts.

Such omissions were criticized by such groups as Mathematically Correct , and some states and districts have since abandoned this experiment, though it remains widely used. When several random numbers of many digits are added, the statistics of the carry digits bears an unexpected connection with Eulerian numbers and the statistics of riffle shuffle permutations. In abstract algebra , the carry operation for two-digit numbers can be formalized using the language of group cohomology.

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When speaking of a digital circuit like an adder, the word carry is used in a similar sense. In most computers , the carry from the most significant bit of an arithmetic operation or bit shifted out from a shift operation is placed in a special carry bit which can be used as a carry-in for multiple precision arithmetic or tested and used to control execution of a computer program.

The same carry bit is also generally used to indicate borrows in subtraction, though the bit's meaning is inverted due to the effects of two's complement arithmetic. Normally, a carry bit value of "1" signifies that an addition overflowed the ALU , and must be accounted for when adding data words of lengths greater than that of the CPU.

For subtractive operations, two opposite conventions are employed as most machines set the carry flag on borrow while some machines such as the and the PIC instead reset the carry flag on borrow and vice versa. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.